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production studio

Utilize the tools that make it easy to communicate your brands personality, quality and unique positioning.

The awesome thing about keeping all of your creative efforts ie. branding, web design, photo/video, content creation etc., is that you get to do neat stuff like chop up and re-use the same content for many different purposes! Getting exponential value from your brand equity asset library is top priority in our pursuit of brand harmony.

How much value are you getting out of your current photo / video library?

As a full-service micro agency, JG encompasses the expertise required for total brand design and visual communication solutions.

Video Production

Video is a great way to visualize the high quality and personality of your brand. Sharing these video materials on social media, your website, etc is a great way to alleviate the labour involved in explaining and visualizing these things over and over. The raw footage that we capture can then also be used moving forward for other projects which adds to the overall value of the investment moving forward. An excellent way to begin to accumulate brand equity.


Because everyone needs professional photography to accompany their modern branding and amazing website!


Sometimes all it takes is a little splash of something special, like a logo animation, to set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Video Samples

Animation Samples

Let's Work Together

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