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Why Should You Consider Using Video to Advertise Your Business?

In today's fast-paced world, seeking out new, unique ways to make your product/service stand out among the sea of advertisers striving for your prospect's attention is crucial. Video marketing isn't new, but it's proving to be an increasingly powerful and effective part of marketing strategy. Who hasn't been sent a funny video to watch or had an intense video clip shared with them?

With our hectic schedules, most people would rather watch a two-minute video than read the same details in 10 minutes.

If you haven't been part of the game yet, now is the time! And if you require a little more persuasion, check out these four key benefits of using video marketing to communicate with your clients and how it can benefit your business.

Boost conversion rates.

According to HubSpot, having video on a landing page may drive sales by as much as 80%! When compared to simply reading the same content, seeing a convincing presenter in a video can totally influence buying behavior and convince a visitor to transition into a lead (or a lead to convert into a client!). Video will help you market your product by evoking the right emotions. Furthermore, based on the direction you're aiming for, they can act as built-in tutorials or testimonials.

Video is a perfect way to upgrade your email marketing.

We're all bombarded with email, and finding someone to open yours is becoming increasingly challenging. Simply using the word "video" in your subject line will boost open rates and reduce unsubscribe rates.

A video in an email increases the click-through rate by 200-300 percent, which is a staggering figure by any standards. But, in most situations, you can't argue that watching a video is more convenient than sitting and reading text, right? This is especially useful if you're explaining how to use your product or expressing something that can't be expressed that well through writing.

Search engines love video.

Search engines are frequently on the lookout for content that can keep the audience engaged. Nothing attracts numerous and greater page views quite like a video.

Not only that, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. If you upload your video to YouTube as well as your website, your exposure, and chances of appearing in searches are greatly enhanced. You can boost it further with Facebook and IG postings— in fact, your chances of getting noticed are sure to skyrocket!

Video establishes integrity and confidence.

Video is an excellent way to give your business and brand a personality, allowing you to communicate with your audience and gain their confidence. More than 90% consumers have acknowledged that they find Product videos helpful in the decision-making process. The more videos you have to educate and reassure your clients, the stronger will be your rapport in the market, which ultimately helps in driving sales.

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