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What Does My Branding Process Look Like?


Branding helps businesses stand out, especially when there is neck-to-neck competition in an industry. Why? Well, it allows you to create a brand personality that your target audience can easily vibe with. Your brand might be quirky, professional, or practical. But, you will not be able to reflect on it without going through a rigorous branding process. Don’t sweat it, though. We have shared the process we use to help our clients make the most out of branding. Let’s get started!

Know your brand inside and out

You have got to ask some important questions to figure out what your brand stands for. These questions will give you directions for the rest of the process. We have a standard questionnaire which we send our clients to answer. It demystifies their brand and allows us to get acquainted with their branding goals.

Conduct extensive market research

A company can only stand out if it understands how other players approach the market. Extensive market research creates massive opportunities for your brand. So, use the information gained in the first step in a way that helps you edge past the competition.

Envision what the brand will look like

We move on to envision how your brand will look in real life. You can use the information procured in the first two steps to work on design concepts, illustrations and determine all the other branding elements. It is time to work on the logo, typography, color scheme, mockups, and design collaterals. Once done, we usually share this information with the client to get feedback.

Make refinements to achieve the goals

Test your designs by presenting them to a focus group. Get in touch with your employees and existing customers to get their feedback on the design. Collect the feedback and begin with the refinements. At JG, we care about our customers and, therefore, have set aside two refinement rounds to achieve the set branding goals.

Export the final brand style guide

Now you are all set to export a brand style guide that will work perfectly for your brand. You are almost done with the branding process. We make sure our clients get the final deliverables in multiple colors based on the color palette they chose in the beginning. Not just that, we also prepare guidelines tailored to the project to help clients navigate through the deliverables in the best way possible.

Use the guide to develop collateral materials

It’s time to push the branding guidelines and develop collateral that represents your brand. Create business cards, thank you cards, loyalty cards, pricing menus, stickers, and other items for your company. We help our customers design them too! Although designing and printing them might take a few weeks more, we provide our clients with an option to include collaterals in the package.

Keep Reading!

There you have it. Hopefully, this quick guide helped you understand what it takes to create a successful brand. Our branding process is time-tested, reliable, and has helped many customers push their brands to new heights. Can’t wait to know how we execute our branding process? Connect with us today!

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