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New Website!

It feels so good to have a new website, I had to get this thing going. I do think that this new space will more accurately capture the essence of what it is that I do on a daily basis.

My name is James Gaudet and I'm a graduate of NSCAD University where I studied interdisciplinary design as well as video production.

I specialist in helping new businesses hit the ground running with a fantastic brand, modern website, beautiful socials, some relevant content and assistance with advertising / content distribution, if needed. My clients see me as their own personal marketing department, at a fraction of the cost of having a full time employee.

There are five primary benefits to working with me on your one-off or ongoing design related needs:


Some business owners love to be hands-on, which is fantastic. However, if you're not practising and learning the platforms, tools and trends on a daily basis, sometimes it can feel like you need to learn it all over again each time you want to get something done! Think making a blog post, getting an ad up on Instagram Stories, creating and publishing a video, or making an update to your website. It's faster and more efficient for me to accomplish these tasks, because I am using the platforms, have the correct workflows, and get things done quickly.


Me and my team work around the clock, which works great in case an update is needed to an ad campaign, a video needs a small tweak prior to a presentation, or a photo needs to be swapped on your website!


Sometimes when you are going through the motions of DIY'ing your branding and marketing efforts, you could argue that you're getting the job done just fine. But if you take a step back and look at the big picture, you begin to see inconsistencies and opportunities for tightening across the board (omnichannel). One thing about working with JG is that we make sure that all of our assets are exported at the highest possible resolution, with the same colour codes, etc.

Let's chat about your project. Whether it be a new brand or a brand refresher - we can work together to take your digital presence to another level.

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