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7 Ways to Repurpose Content for Social Media in 2022

Why should you repurpose content for social media? Is it because everyone’s doing it? Well, we believe that it is important for a brand to have as many content ideas as possible to diversify content production. Internet users always need new content to consume. To satisfy the growing need, brands sometimes have no other option than repurposing the content. However, this isn’t an excuse to resort to an unprofessional method of content production. Want to repurpose content professionally for maximum impact? Stay with us till the very end!

Create ‘Shorts’ from previous video content

Video content can be easily repurposed, especially if you want to fit in the ‘short video’ trend. Brands are quickly jumping onto the short-video bandwagon by creating snippets that easily fit within the video-length requirements of each social media platform. Find out the most exciting parts of your videos and edit them to make even more engaging short videos.

Leverage user-generated content

User-generated content has a special place in our list since it is often prepared by satisfied customers. These can be anything - from reviews on Google or product pages to mentions on Twitter. Such content can be easily repurposed and used on social media. All you have to do is take high-quality screenshots and edit them to make them presentable. Again, you can create short videos, for example, by compiling all the positive reviews!

Use social media posts across platforms

Why not? Most social media platforms work alike, and it’s possible to use the content posted on one channel on an entirely new channel. We highly recommend you repost content from your social media profiles to your other social media profiles. For instance, use the thumbnails of your YouTube videos as you promote the video on social media channels. Many personal brands are taking screenshots of their own tweets and posting them on Instagram! So, stop hesitating and start repurposing!

Develop new infographics from blogs

People are obsessed with numbers and information. Why not use your blog posts and turn them into easily digestible infographics? Data visualization has a massive impact on the audience, and therefore, we suggest you find out crucial information from your blog posts and turn them into infographics. After all, images are 65 percent more memorable than text!

Create quotes from existing content

We love creating quotes! And the main reason behind our obsession is that our audience loves them too! Quotes are a massive success on social media, and there’s no reason you should not post them. Find out words from your blog posts that can make great sense to your audience and present them as quotes. Find out what the industry leaders have to say on topics relatable to your audience and turn them into quotes. Most importantly, share them across all your social media profiles.

Turn blog posts into videos

Videos are the most consumed content on social media. That’s one reason why we started the list with ‘short videos’. Now, we want you to leverage this opportunity by turn your blog posts into videos. Develop high-quality videos for every high-performing blog post and post them on social media.

Use previous high-quality posts as background

Never run out of background for your upcoming social media posts. Just use the previous (relatable) posts as background for the new posts. This is a great method to trigger the audience to look at your previous posts. However, make sure you edit the previous creatives to follow the image requirements on different social media channels.

Keep reading!

Since every brand is repurposing content these days, you should stand out and do that professionally. It will help you reach a new audience and further improve your ability to engage your followers. If you need professional help to create a content repurposing strategy for your brand, always know that we are just a phone call away! Connect with us today! Don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!

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