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It's All About Collaboration

Without my partners, I wouldn't be able to do what I do

Big and small - my partners are what help fill in the gaps to get my clients from point A to point B. From providing additional capacity to my team, to providing infrastructural and technical support as-needed.

jgaudetdesigns _ Halifax based freelance digital marketing specialist.png
Image by Hal Gatewood
James Gaudet Wix Partner | Halifax Web Designer, Web Hosting and More

After working with countless clients who swore by Wix as their preferred website platform, I decided to get certified as an Official Wix Partner. This means that I offer advanced functionalities, in depth insights and high quality web design services on the Wix platform.

Image by KOBU Agency

Branding and web design are at the heart of most projects that I undertake. With Shopify as a partner, I am able to provide higher quality e commerce / POS solutions for my clients, and implement stronger brand positioning strategies for any content creation & distribution projects that we may undertake.

Image by Surface
Meta Business Partners Logo.png

Content creation and distribution, as well as social media management and digital advertising are all a large part of what I do. Implementing a strong brand presence on the platforms that Meta operates and having them as a partner is a huge help for me and my clients.

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