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My goal is to offer an affordable but effective solution to your businesses branding, web design, content creation & distribution needs.


I work with a small superstar team of seasoned marketing veterans waiting to help boost your initiatives to the stars.

A brand is so much more than a logo. It’s a vibe. It’s a feeling. It’s an identity.


I help clients understand their unique strengths, find where they fit in the competitive landscape, define a unique position for each of their brands and establish naming and messaging architectures that create clarity, drive differentiation and produce real business results.


Coming up with the colours, fonts, wordmark, icon, etc. is the journey that we take every time that we create a new brand. We love to create brands for companies of all sizes; for companies of all industries. We use design to help businesses thrive by creating authentic, engaging and relevant experiences at every touchpoint.


A brand is never “finished”. After it’s born into the world, customers change, competition fluctuates and your offering evolves. You need a partner who can assist in endearing the hearts and minds through strategic and impactful design solutions, as well as evolve WITH your company, as it grows and changes. I’d love to be that partner. 


A website is a very important tool for businesses of all type. Not only does it allow an excellent opportunity to showcase the unique personality and positioning of your brand / service / product, but it acts as a portal into your world, so that your potential clients can feel one step closer. 


My websites come jam packed with important features, such as cross-platform responsive design, blazing fast load times, search engine optimization, and more. I can provide hosting or use yours if you already have your own. Our goal is to make your web related endeavours as easy as possible. 


Need e-commerce? No worries, I do that too. Ask about how I can take your side hustle and turn it into a money making machine.


Social media channel consistency and growth are paramount in todays digital landscape. I make sure that your message is delivered on-time, and on-brand. 


With fully integrated monthly social media marketing growth strategy services, graphic design, social media management, as well as paid advertising and reporting, I can help your business stay on top of the busy rush, while maintaining organized and cohesive brand messaging from start to finish. 


Halifax Video Production

Video content can do some very heavy lifting when it comes to communicating the unique and high quality nature of your business and brand. I advocate for using original photo /  video assets whenever possible.

We love to think of each shoot as an opportunity to expand upon our clients' library of graphic assets. After then, we can draw from those assets for all sorts of iniatives including but not limited to social media, television advertising, digital advertising, website banners, and more.


Halifax Printing Services

I help my clients go to print quickly. From banners and rack cards to trade show installations and vehicle wraps - please reach out if this is something that you require discovery to delivery.

Let's Work Together

If you'd like to set up a complimentary discovery session with a JG, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

I'm available for digital meetings or coffee.

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